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13. September 2021 um 5:28 Uhr
So true: "If it isn’t already, your company will be a data-driven business in the next few years, or it will fail to thrive in our new digital economy." - thanks @marthaheller! 🙏

Read her "4 tips for launching a successful #DataStrategy" 👉
13. September 2021 um 5:27 Uhr
The research is clear: People with mentors perform better, advance in their careers faster, and even experience more work-life satisfaction. But many people don't know how to find a mentor or establish a relationship.
30. August 2021 um 8:38 Uhr
Dem stimme ich zu mit einer kleinen Ergänzung: In der Interpretation liegt der größte Mehrwert. Wie erkenne ich Fehlentwicklungen und was kann ich dagegen tun? #datadrivenmarketing
25. June 2021 um 3:34 Uhr
The printed version of the joint work from more than 30 authors arrived. It has been voted the "Best new #B2BMarketing Book 2021" from CNN, Forbes und BookAuthority. May it enable many people around the world to excel and progress in their professional life. #marketingautomation Lutz_Klaus photo
2. June 2021 um 9:12 Uhr
Für alle, die den Turbo im Marketing starten wollen. Bei Interesse stehen auch noch Plätze für das nächste virtuelle Seminar " #DataDrivenMarketing erfolgreich umsetzen" am 15. und 16. Juni zur Verfügung. #b2bmarketing