Are you looking to improve the tangible performance of your marketing team? Are you interested in how to better articulate and optimize the value of marketing in your company? Are you open for data-driven approaches to enhance business results? Invest two days with your team and conduct a workshop on

Marketing ROI in practice: How to optimize the tangible impact on business results

At the end of day 2 your team will clearly understand the need to drive business value as condition to succeed in the future. All participants will get an overview of marketing metrics that are relevant and hear about proven approaches as well as case studies on how to improve results online and offline. Expect an interactive session generating new ideas to improve the collective team performance with a documented plan to follow-up.

Content highlights:

  • How do you define business value and ROI and why is this important for the team as well as each member individually?
  • Why are data-driven approaches critical to succeed in the digital economy?
  • How do you set up an ROI-focused marketing plan and track progress over time?
  • Which KPIs are relevant for online and offline marketing?
  • How can marketing and sales collaborate to win new customers and improve pipeline performance?
  • Which activities make sense in each funnel phase?
  • How can you improve the conversion rates?
  • How do you build a dashboard to track results and act based on results?
  • What contribution can each team member provide?
  • Which areas should be prioritized to generate results in the near future?

If you are interested, please call +49 30 33847882 or send an e-mail with the subject line “Marketing ROI Workshop” to